descriptionSpeedy, a Hugo theme focused on immediate load times, code simplicity, and proper rendering across desktop, mobile, ARIA readers and text browsers.
ownerken grimes
last changeSat, 21 Apr 2018 23:21:08 +0000 (16:21 -0700)
2018-04-21 kengrimesjson feeds and favicon support master
2018-04-20 kengrimesusing .Page.Description instead of .Page.Params.heading
2018-04-12 kengrimescolorized light, text formatting
2018-04-11 kengrimesoptimization pass
2018-04-08 kengrimesmajor refactor, speedycard pagination beta testing
2018-04-08 kengrimesmajor refactor, card pagination beta testing
2018-04-05 kengrimesmain frame overflow protection
2018-04-05 kengrimesfixed article display mode for ARIA
2018-04-04 kengrimesformatted for web testing
2018-04-03 kengrimeslayouts reverted to .NextInSection following hugo patch
2018-04-02 kenpaginator chrono ordering, propogating to listed pages
2018-04-02 kenchrono ordering on list view
2018-04-02 kenchrono ordering on list view
2018-04-02 kenmin width/height for load image to 128px
2018-04-02 kendisplay rework
2018-03-31 kenclassify svg on select
4 years ago master